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Want more people to adopt your product? Make sure you know what progress looks like in your user’s life, not just on their screen. Having a stellar user adoption rate is a beautiful thing. Converting users at a higher rate drives down your cost of user acquisition, which in turn stretches your marketing resources even further. It also increases the…

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SaaS: Challenges in Creating an Effective Product Onboarding

Having a ‘solid’ user onboarding experience on a SaaS product is particularly important. First because most SaaS users try a new software in the hope of finding a useful tool that’ll make them more productive (usefulness vs fun). Second because they generally try it during “work” time, meaning that they will spend as little time as possible to understand it. Third because…

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How we increased customer loyalty by 125% in 6 hours

Recently, I sent out a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey to all Baremetrics users. I was hesitant at first, but it quickly surfaced the areas where we were really excelling as well as the areas we needed to improve. In a previous life, I ran a survey company (which happened to be what I initially built Baremetrics for since we used Stripe). We had…

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